Nitrogen Solutions has a modern fleet of pumps and transports that are equipped to service nitrogen needs in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas in a matter of hours.

Nitrogen is a clean, odorless, inert gas that is used in the following applications in the oil and gas industry:
  • Establishing well control via nitrogen rig assist
  • Blanketing, inerting and purging oil platforms to reduce oxygen levels and flammability to prevent combustion
  • Purging and inerting systems to keep instruments dry, efficient and effective
  • Encouraging optimal flow in wells by absorbing and displacing fluid in wells
  • Pigging pipelines

Our Pumps

Ambient Vapor: Our low-rate, ambient pumps are capable of pumping 200 SCFM to 3,000 SCFM @ 10,000 psi using ambient air vaporization which is efficient and unsurpassed in performance.

Direct Fire Pumps: Our low-to-high rate pumps are capable of 300 to 14,000 SCFM @ 10,000 psi using direct fire vaporization.

Our Transports

Our modern fleet specializes in delivering nitrogen efficiently.